Bodies of 2 babies found dumped in Fourways rubbish bins in 2 days

By Faeza
11 July 2017

 Police are investigating two cases of concealment of birth after the bodies of two babies were found dumped in rubbish bins in Douglasdale, Fourways, north of Johannesburg in two consecutive days.

"One stillborn was found on Sunday morning at the corner of Douglas and Leslie Drive whilst the other one was found on Monday morning at corner Malgas and Pipers Road in Douglasdale," spokesperson Captain Mpho Kgasoane said on Tuesday.

In both instances, the bodies were discovered by passers-by. No arrests have yet been made, she said.

Investigations into the cases would continue, however, Kgasoane urged community members not to dump babies but to rather contact the Johannesburg Child Welfare Department.

A resident who had gone for a morning walk with her friend said she walked past the bin where the second baby was discovered by a homeless man who was rummaging through the rubbish in a bin.

It was covered in blood and wrapped in a blue plastic bag.

"We walked past just as the hobo found this baby. I was there, I saw it. It's traumatising [and] horrific.

"I can't understand how people can carry a baby for nine months and just dump it in a dustbin."

She said the baby still had its umbilical cord attached at the time. It was then when she heard another baby had been dumped not too far from the scene, a day before.

"If it was reported on Sunday, maybe it wouldn't have happened again," she said.

She said paramedics arrived at the scene about an hour after the baby was discovered and declared it dead on the scene. But she wondered whether the child may have been alive at the time that it was dumped.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring confirmed that a newborn was found dead on Monday morning after 10:00.

Paramedics were alerted of the discovery by security officers at a residential complex near the scene.

"Upon arrival, paramedics found that the baby had been wrapped in a cloth and plastic bag. It was evident to paramedics that the baby had been dead for some time. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the baby and he was declared dead," Meiring said.

Source: News24