Bonang financially assist poor student

By Faeza
18 January 2016


Bathandwa Xhallie’s financial plight has come to an end, thanks to South African media darling Bonang Matheba.

The Cradock-born 24-year-old who completed her law degree from the University of Fort Hare and went on to study towards her Masters in Labour Law at the University of Stellenbosch will be getting financial aid from Bonang.

An only child with an unemployed mother, raised and fed by her grandmother's meagre social grant of R1600.

She was faced with not having money to go home for the holidays, having to rely at the mercy of others for food and basic necessities.

“I do not have much myself, but from my own pocket I will ensure that Bathandwa will not go to bed hungry, will not worry about going back home to Cradock,” Bonang said.

Bathandwa is back at Stellenbosch, fighting a system that won't give her access to her end-year results because her bursary has not settled her 2015 tuition and accommodation fees.

"I am being shunted from one administration system to the other, but I will be persistent and I know with people like Bonang being our public voices, I will prevail,” she said.

Adding that, “I am not the only one with this story, but I am grateful that part of my worries will be taken care of.

The #FEESMUSTFALL movement has brought many good hearted people forward to help with the various stories that were highlighted as a result."