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Bongani Masondo opens up about his calling, childhood and music career

By Faeza
09 June 2017

BONGANI Masondo, who is known for his

role as Bafana Shabalala on the drama

series, Tshisa, says like most children,

he had a normal childhood, but things

changed when he was 13 years old.


The former Skeem Saam actor was raised by both

parents, but things changed when his parents split.

“After my parents divorced, I went to live with

my mother because I couldn’t live with an abusive

father,” says Bongani.

He explains that he has forgiven his father and

they were on speaking terms until he passed away

last year.

“He cheated on and abused my mother in front of

me. I couldn’t live with him,” he says, adding that

his parents' separation affected his health as he

had to deal with weight issues.


In 2011, Bongani says he had to leave everything

to practise as a sangoma as he was called by his


“I had to thwasa because there was so much

going on. I went to an initiation school, where I

learnt a lot,” he says.

“But after going to the initiation

school, I had to ask them to allow me

to continue with my career and put

my sangoma duties on hold. I am still

going to practise as a sangoma, but

when the time allows. For now, my

focus is on music and acting.”


The actor, who studied economic

science at the University of

Johannesburg, says he dropped out

to pursue his dream in the arts.

Bongani admits though that after

Tshisa, he faced some hardships

in the entertainment industry, but

he never let this get in the way of

pursuing his dreams and he formed a

hip hop group called Tu Black.

He later joined Skeem Saam in 2014, but left the

soapie early this year due to contractual issues.

“Skeem Saam will always be my home. But for

now they released me from my contract and I can

now focus on my music,” says the rapper.

He says he has always been passionate about

music since his days on Tshisa.

“I have been writing songs from a very young age

and Tshisa gave me a platform to continue writing

music as I wrote all the songs that were played on

the show and that’s why I am still pursuing music as

a career,” he says.