Bontle and Priddy Ugly's engagement and future plans

By Faeza
24 July 2017


Television personality Bontle Modiselle and rapper boyfriend Priddy Ugly (real name Ricardo Moloi) have been together for more than 10 years now and finally they decided to take their relationship to the next level; the two got engaged last week. Most people might not have known that the two love birds were together because they tried to keep it under wraps.


Speaking to Zikhiphani Priddy says “No pressure about the wedding. It’s gonna be very intimate, you guys will find out when it happens but the people who are really close to us will be invited. No date is set yet.”

But this past weekend after the news of engagement Priddy Ugly posted a picture of them on his Instagram page wearing traditional attires. One would say these two had a private membeso judging from their Xhosa wear.

Priddy also posted heart melting words on his Instagram about their journey. “It's not about who knows best or who knows more. No 'you're wrong, I'm right. No formula. No memo. It's about figuring it out TOGETHER,”

Apparently the two have been approached by different production companies for them to do reality shows but hey say because they are private they chose not to accept those proposals.

“We have had so many reality show offers,” revealed Bontle. “A lot but we have turned them down because what happens between me and her, happens between me and her. That’s how we have been able to stay together for so long because we really kept everything intimate between me and her.” revealed Priddy.

They two are planning to work together in the future though they are not in a rush.