Brian Temba is head over heels in love!

By Faeza
02 September 2016

Blurb: Actress and muso Brian Temba shows off his bae writes Nomkhosi Miya

Recently the Muvhango star Brian Temba declared his love for his girlfriend on social media. For ladies who have been eyeing the charming actor on screen. He let it be known there is no room for anyone else in his life accept for his bae!

Just to make sure that we all get the message; he went as far as posting a picture of her leaning comfortably on his shoulder.

He was quoted saying, "Through life and relationships you meet people romantically. You love them, they love you, nothing is ever certain but then you meet that one person and the glove fits," he wrote.

Reports say the star is known for being  incredibly protective over his private life and has for the first time confirmed through a social media post that he's not only taken, but is absolutely whipped.

"My girlfriend is my friend, a person I can lean on, a helper and one that makes you want to be better, without her saying be better! She is my pillar and the person I go to when I make decisions because I trust her opinion and more than knowing that she loves me, I see it,” he said.