Bubu Mazibuko part 1

By admin
21 December 2013

Bubu, tell us about yourself?

I’m from Orlando East, Soweto. I grew up in Swaziland at boarding school. South Africa was rough in the apartheid era and schools in the township were not that great. My mother decided an isolated school in Swaziland would do me good


How did acting come into your life?

As far as I can remember I have always loved acting. I excelled in drama and dance at school. My high-school friends were usually upset with me because I would get involved in every play as the organiser, the lead character and I directed. I was a busybody.

Do you have formal training?

After matric I enrolled into the Johannesburg Arts Foundation but didn’t stay for long. My mom got me a scholarship in New York in America. Unfortunately I couldn’t complete my course because the man who was sponsoring my education died. I continued living in New York, working and studying part time for four years and came back when my grandmother was on her deathbed. I have informal training in film studies.

Was it easy to get an acting job in South Africa?

I started from the bottom and there were no favours because I had lived abroad. I joined an agency and didn’t get any auditions for a while. I changed to another agency, auditioned and eventually I broke into the industry.

What was your first break?

Yizo Yizo. I enjoyed working with that team of producers and actors. There was so much energy there. I am currently in Gaz’lam and it’s a wonderful experience to play Thuli. Thuli is a together person; she has principles but has made bad choices by allowing herself to be abused.