Bubu Mazibuko part 2

By admin
22 December 2013

Is acting glamorous?

I love my job but I sometimes feel that there isn’t any glamour. I love my sleep and unfortunately I have to wake up very early and I knock off late in this industry. Learning lines needs skills and thought. The money isn’t great but when you love something all the downs don’t matter.

Love and life

How do you deal with fame?

I’m a shy and private person and acting gives me the chance to be another person. The industry is small and you tend to know most of the actors. I haven’t experienced any negativity from fans.

What is dangerous in your career?

Desperation! It’s important how you deal with those periods when you are not working and not getting a salary. If you love acting you hold in there and don’t do things that will compromise you. I’ve heard stories about women and men who are used by people in power to get work. I would never get that desperate.