Build your dreams on a solid foundation of education with IQ Academy

By admin
10 March 2014

Boitumelo Mokgama an aspiring dress maker is determined to take her small business all the way. To make sure her business survives long enough to create lasting employment opportunities in her community and for herself, she is studying towards a Business management with IQ Academy.

South Africa’s fastest growing source of employment is the private sector and entrepreneurial ventures. They are a vital part of South Africa’s economy yet 80% of small businesses are closed within the first 3 months mostly because owners are not prepared or don’t have the knowledge to sustain a small business .

“I’ve always wanted to study and get a tertiary qualification to back my passion, dress making. I want to eventually start my own business and run it professionally, “she says.

The rising cost of education makes it an unattainable for most people but Boitumelo says finding an IQ advert in her favourite Move! Magazine and simply sending an SMS made her dreams a reality.

“Studying has always been too expensive for me but with IQ I can study and still keep my job. Managing my time is difficult but knowing I have support from the academy via SMS and on social networks any time I need it makes it easier for me work towards my dream ,”she says.