Bye Bye flabby thighs

By Faeza
27 June 2015

Whether you’re thinking thunder thighs, saddle bags, bulging, pendulous or just the euphemistic term ‘uneven weight distribution’ the good news is there are exercises which target the thighs – the nemesis of many women.

Well, you’re not alone. Most women have an issue with their thighs – whether it’s warranted or not. Catherine Viljoen tells us the science behind why…

It is not just one muscle!  There are four of these heavies to seek out…..and tone.

  • The front of the thighs (quadriceps)
  • The back of the thighs (hamstrings)
  • The inner thighs (adductors)
  • The outer thighs (abductors)

Strength exercises

Include a 5 minute warm up (such as a brisk walk or some stair climbing before starting your strength exercises).

3 sets of 15 reps of each exercise below is all you need.

  • Choose a load at which you can comfortably complete 15 reps to start. The last 2 or 3 should feel tough. If you can’t complete the set, then lower the weight.
  • Try inserting 30 seconds of high-intensity cardio exercise such as step ups or jumping jacks after every/every second exercise. This form of interval training is a proven way to burn fat and improve muscle tone.

#1 Front and back of thighs – alternate lunges

Starting position

Stand with the dumbbells at each side of your body. If you’re a beginner, you may prefer to place your hands on your hips (instead of holding dumbbells). Your feet should be hip distance apart and facing front.

#2 Outer thighs - standing cable abduction

Starting position

Stand sideways next to a cable and place your outside foot in the foot strap. Start with your leg slightly in front of the inside ankle. You should be standing far enough away from the machine that the cable remains taut. You can hold onto the machine bar for support. Focus on your posture ensuring that you don’t slump. Your knee can be slightly bent (not locked).

Inner thighs – standing cable adduction

Starting position

Stand sideways to the machine and slightly away from the cable. Place your foot, nearest the machine, in the foot strap. Lift your foot slightly off the floor (foot flexed and facing front). You can hold onto the machine bar for support. Focus on your posture ensuring that you don’t slump.

#3 Front and back of thighs – stability ball wall squats

Starting position

Place a stability ball against a wall and position it on your middle (small of your) back. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your toes can face forward or slightly turned out. Your hands can be on your hips or your arms straight out in front of you.

Picture credit: Youtube