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Can You Measure Sin ?

By Faeza
24 August 2015

I have heard so many say President Zuma must pay back the money that he had stollen, and people have judged him and some including myself condemned him even to death. To my surprise we are judging Pres. Zuma, but we had forgotten that there is no sin greater than another.   There we are sitting in the judgement seat, when a plank is in our eyes and we could not see our own sin. (Luke 6:41-42) I have heard many with such excitement talk about how one has bribed a police officer, and yet a sin is seen to be less of a sin, than murder. Its so sad that people who claim to be believers in YaHWeH and His Messiyah endorse all forms of sin, which we know, that the wrath of YaHWeH will come upon all flesh. Which is soon to be revealed. Is bribary of R50, lesser a sin than bribery of R10m?


Pastor Lyle

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH