Candy tsa Mandebele and her search for her biological father

By Faeza
01 November 2016

All the fame and money in the world won’t mean a thing if you missing a piece of you that's exact how one would tell Candy Mokwena's story.

Speaking to Drum magazine, Candy Mokwena well known as Candy tsa Mandebele opened up about a missing piece in her life story.

In an online video titled Unscripted, the muso revealed that she was looking for her biological father because the man she grew up believing was her father turned out not to be her real dad.

According to Daily Sun, Candy found out her real dad is a man known as Billtart Moshone who origins from the North West after she conducted her own research.

She also mentioned that her parents separated and her musical gift comes from her dad’s bloodline.

But she stopped looking for her real dad due to her mother’s condition and the damage it might cause.

“I don’t want to continue looking because it might upset her and that may lead to me losing her.” She told the publication.