Cape Town woman shot to death for refusing lobola

By Faeza
10 August 2016

Written by  Nomkhosi Miya

Saying “I do” was not a big deal for Cape Town girl. A 28-year-old woman was shot and killed, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend when she refused to marry him.

Nokuthula Thashe from Cape Town in Delft, was apparently doing her laundry one Friday evening when her Zimbabwean boyfriend came with a friend with R13 000 which he wanted to pay her family as a lobola. When she asked her hand in marriage, she refused and he killed her on the spot.

These two were apparently dating for five years and it was not the first time he asked her to marry him. She was gunned to death at her mother's home days after she ran away from the house that she and her boyfriend shared at the N2 Gateway in Langa.

Reports say her mother confirmed that she was not happy in that relationship and that her boyfriend was jealous and abusive towards her daughter.