Cape Town women more vain than Dbn, Jhb - survey

By Faeza
31 March 2016

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When it comes to hair, Cape Town women are more vain than those in Johannesburg and Durban.

A survey shows that women in Cape Town are more concerned about their hair and the role it plays in self-esteem than their Jo’burg and Durban counterparts.

The survey of 505 women over 30 by independent company, Plus 94 Research, showed that 76% of Capetonian women polled said hair was a huge part of their life and self-image compared to 71% in Durban and 60% in Jo’burg.

Sixty percent of Cape Town women surveyed believed healthy hair boosted their self-confidence and attracted attention from males compared to 58% in Durban and 46% in Jo’burg.

Durban women thought about their hair most (92%), with Cape Town second (82%) and Jo’burg behind at 67%, according to the survey commissioned by Plantur 39 phyto-caffeine shampoo to counter stress-related hair loss.

Almost 40% of the women polled said they were showing signs of early hair loss which had impacted negatively on their self-confidence, their appeal to their partners and which had led to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cape Town women were once again in the majority -- 53% said they had experienced anxiety and depression related to hair loss compared to 39% in Durban and 19% in Jo’burg.

German scientist and leading world expert on hair loss, Dr Adolf Klenk, said there could be many reasons for thinning hair, most notably stress, genetics and menopause.

“Hair loss is often due to over-sensitivity of hair roots to testosterone which shortens the growth phase. Stress and menopause may lead to lower oestrogen levels and boosted testosterone, which may lead to thinner hair and hair loss.”

After extensive research, Klenk discovered in 2001 that the harmful influence of testosterone can be countered with a caffeine treatment. He developed a range of caffeine complex shampoos for women (Plantur 39) and men (Alpecin), backed by scientific research[1].