Career Advice

By admin
05 November 2013

Yes, it is often difficult to go back to studying once one has started to earn your own salary. It also sounds as if you are happy with your job.  Whether matric is enough for your future depends on how you see your future.

If you don’t feel up to studying full time, one option is to explore training prospects at your current workplace. All employers are required to offer their staff skills-development opportunities and these may suit you better than going to study full time.

You can also investigate the option of studying part time, while continuing your job, although it takes a lot of commitment to study while you work. Several institutions allow students to register for one or two subjects a year, and in this way you may be able to complete a diploma or degree course over time, without it taking too much of an investment of time and energy.

Remember, it does not matter how long you take to get the qualification, but rather that you kept at it and got it in the end.