Carmel Fisher to give birth in America

By Faeza
19 April 2016

Carmel Fisher is in preparation for the birth of her first child.   The actress is 37 weeks pregnant, and looks just about ready to pop. Her baby is due on May 8, which is just around the corner.  

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"I can't fully express how grateful I am for having been blessed with a pregnancy that has been so easy, healthy & fun! I know it's not the norm that's why I am so grateful... and I just pray & look forward to a birthing experience that tops it!" she captioned a picture of her baby bump on Instagram.

It looks like the actress’s little angel will be born in America, Carmel and her partner, Dion Gabrielides, have spent the past month in the country.   She shared a picture of a birth centre in Hollywood, Florida where she plans on giving birth at.  

"Found an amazing birth centre that is supremely natural & look forward to partnering with them through this incredible journey," she said on Instagram.