Carol Bouwer

By admin
07 January 2014

Critics say she’s the queen of coconuts. Don’t believe it! Move! discovered a fearless African woman

From township girl to famous actress then successful business woman , we find out how Carol Bouwer built her empire.

Where are you from?

I’m a township girl, brought up in Rockville, Soweto. My mother and stepfather raised me. My stepfather is amazing because he raised my brother and me as if we were his own.

How was your childhood?

My mother is a disciplined person and we were protected as children. She hated us running wild in the streets and we were kept in our own yard most of the time. I remember watching other kids play in the street and wishing to join in. Looking back, my mom gave me love and taught me to respect rules.

What role did school play in your life?

I must say I went to many schools, including the so-called township schools. Inanda Girls’ Seminary was a place where I learnt how to be a woman and to be assertive. I was extremely tomboyish but it changed when I saw the value of being a woman. I also realised when I was there that my mom really loved me.