Celebrity chat

By admin
07 August 2013

We asked our celebrities what they would like to come back as. This is what they had to say:

Arthur Mafokate: “Definitely as an angel. I would become part of people’s lives in order to touch the hearts and souls of innocent people.”

Theo Kgosinkwe: “I would come back as me again. I’d want to rectify my mistakes, achieve while I was on earth and make peace with my enemies.”

Kholile “Dj Clock” Gumede: “I would come back as a pastor and preach the word of God to people and tell them how faithful and powerful God is. I believe I could change many lives and many people will repent because of me. Don’t you think I would make a good pastor? “

Phemelo Ncobo: “A lioness. I would always be in the forefront of the wilderness. Lionesses are always in control of their lazy husbands, they take care of their children and they are good hunters. I always want to be in control like a lioness and I’m feminine. I think I could be a good lioness.”