Cell phone drama part2

By admin
17 October 2013

Mmamokhethi Ramonngana says “The other day a man friend of mine called me, and my boyfriend answered the call. He accused me of cheating. My cell phone is causing lots of arguments.”  Bongiwe Mngadi, advices:

How can a cellphone become the third party in the relationship and cause problems?

There must be an understanding between you, Mmamokhethi, and your boyfriend that you don’t answer each others calls, except in certain situations. Tell him why this is important to you and give him a chance to respond to it. He may not be happy with what you propose, but find out why he is not happy about it (you may discover something that he has not openly talked about, and thereby learn what causes his behaviour).

As long as you want your way and he wants his, the more you will probably push for your way and the more he will be convinced you have something to hide. Remember, compromise is not about getting everything you want; it is somewhere in between, if you are willing to go that route.

Are there any rules for handling cellphones and relationships?

Rules, if any, should be discussed by the two people in the relationship. Don’t take anything for granted. Every relationship has different rules about different things. Some things may be obvious; cell phone etiquette is not one of them.