Change on the horizon

By admin
11 July 2014

While many reports on how and why Don Mlangani-Nawa (who play Bra Zeb ) will be leaving Isidingo have been doing the rounds , Sivan Pillay, Managing Director of Endemol and Rohan Dickson, Head Writer Isidingo have cleared the air and put the rumours to bed ; yes he’s leaving but not the way we all imagined .

According to many reports made since late last year the character of Zeb Matabane would be killed off since the actors fall out with writers and producers of the show but Endemols Sivan Pillay says that is definitely not going to happen .

“The character of Zeb is one of the oldest in Isidingo and as the story progresses it changes and so do the characters, it’s not the first time characters have been written off, and the story still went on. The Matabanes have reached the end of their story line and although they won’t be on screen they won’t be dead either, Agnes and Zeb will continue to exist through interactions with other characters, “he says.

Although the story will be introducing more characters very soon, Rohan Dickson says the Matabanes will not be replaced by the Zondiles or any other family. “The Matabanes moved from being poor and at the bottom to unrealistic point, with the Zondiles we want a family that our viewers can relate to we want theior struggle to be real and we want them to move at a realistic pace so although they are starting out at a similar point to where the Matabanes started, they’ll probably struggle for a long time because that is the reality for many South Africans,”  he says .