Chivas Regal honours South Africans icons

By Faeza
24 November 2015

Chivas Regal honoured Ms Abigail Kubeka, Dr John Kani and Dr Mbongeni Ngema. Chivas Regal’s The ICON, which has only 24 bottles in South Africa, was celebrated, as it is said to be a sign of rarity and luxury and it seemed to be a most natural correlation to a select few true South African icons.

Each of the three icons share with us their unique and inspiring stories below:

  • Ms Kubeka believes that you should never marry somebody in the same industry if you are an entertainer:  “Work is hard, and if you have one partner bringing in an income, it’s better than having two starving artists looking after kids”.

  • Dr Kani is a traditionalist: “When my father passed away we slaughtered an ox so that he could safely cross over to the ancestors. Three years later, it was time to bring back Father as an ancestor so we offered another ox.  Similarly, when my daughters reached womanhood, we slaughtered a sheep and my sons all had to go through the ritual of circumcision”.

  • Dr Mbongeni Ngema wrote his most acclaimed musical production Sarafina in only three hours, following an encounter with Mrs Winnie Mandela.