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Clement speaks about how he gained victory over HIV

By Faeza
11 November 2016

By Clement Fana Ntuli

I AM a motivational speaker living positively with HIV since 1995. I hold a BA honours

degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and I am the author of the book, Turning Trials into Triumph. My journey with HIV includes surviving HIV in prison, suffering from TB, pneumonia and being in a wheelchair due to sickness prior to turning a new

leaf to become a university graduate, motivational speaker and an author.


I enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 1993 and like most young people, I experimented with sex without protection or any knowledge of the consequences. While donating blood in 1995, I learned that I had contracted HIV. As a final year student, I

crashed, mainly because there was neither pre nor post-counseling that was given to me. The news was traumatic and my life went on a downward spiral, which included taking drugs, getting involved with the wrong crowd and giving up on my studies.


Despite numerous strides and measures towards fighting HIV, there is evidence that the disease is still hurting our society. Many still fear HIV and this has led to the high level of silence around it. In this column, I invite you on a journey that will address many issues related to HIV. These include testing, disclosure, acceptance, stigma and the underlying factors. Other issues that will be addressed include what you need to consider when you start taking ARVs, your concerns about having children despite you being HIV positive, all you need to know about condoms and all the controversies around HIV and AIDS that

derail many people from living positively. So if you want to learn about HIV or you are infected or affected by the disease, then this column is for you.


While the journey with HIV seems challenging at times, tips will be given so that you can stay healthy. Through this column, you will unleash your hope, strength and courage while staying updated on the new developments around HIV. You will be inspired, motivated and educated.