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Colour me beautiful

By admin
17 January 2014

This year everyone seems to be colouring their hair , whether it's done professionally or at home here are 5 secrets to great colour and keeping all your hair.

1. Don't use chemicals on your hair for a week before you dye it

Chemical treatments not only weaken your hair but can also prevent colour from being absorbed by your hair and could make your hair colour dull .

2. don't style or treat your hair

Although you want your hair to be strong and at its best before you colour it don't use conditioners or heavy moisturizers before you colour, the oil that clings to your hair and seals it can also lock out colour

3. Deep cleanse

before you dye your hair deep cleanse it washing all the oils and chemicals off to make sure you get the best out of your hair dye

4. choose a dye for your hair

When choosing a hair dye consider your hair type and make sure you get the right one for your hair . Inecto and Dark'n lovely make great hair dye's especially for ethnic hair

5. Don't mix your own colour

unless you're ok with experimenting and are willing to live with the results , mixing colours is a bad idea because you can't ever be sure what colour you'll get unless you're an professional mixing different products is an even worse idea because hair products involve chemicals which could be dangerous .