Come hell or high water, I am marrying this man

By Faeza
11 March 2016


This woman proves how persistence prevails even when love isn't always at first sight.

I went to church one Sunday afternoon and saw a boy I felt sure I was going to marry. I went home and told my mom. I was 15 at the time and all she said was “ok my child.”

For three years I tried getting his attention. Nothing ever seemed to work until one day I gathered the courage to walk up to him and told him that I liked him.

He was not having any of it, but I didn’t care. Come hell or high water, I was going to marry this man.

Yet another year went by and he finally called. At this stage, I may have been persistent enough for him to become gatvol.

I had asked him on dates, but got stood up.

I told his dad I am going to fetch him at home and I would have him home by 23:00. When I dropped him at home, I asked him for a kiss and he said yes.

We went on another date a few months later and, voila! We’re now married for 18 years with two beautiful children, Brolin (11) and Luca (5). Sadly, we lost two beautiful angels in between.

I love this man, he’s my mirror and I love Vincent Alexander Bell.

He works away nearly ten months a year and this makes it hard for us to spend time together amongst our kids and family responsibilities. I would love even just a day away with him for this chocolate and wine paring as it’s two of my favourite things in the world.

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