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By Faeza
11 September 2015

Driven Hunt II

By Thursday morning a band of 13 European hunters had killed 49 animals in a ongoing Driven Hunt in Limpopo province.  Animal activists this week descended on the farms where the animals were killed, vehemently protesting the controversial practice. Local and international outrage has followed last Sunday’s Carte Blanche exposé of the hunt, which sees game herded down a dedicated path toward hunters waiting on raised scaffolds. Carte Blanche remains in hot pursuit.

Producer: Kate Barry

Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

Research: Jean-Emile Jammine

Zithulele’s Medical Miracles **NEW INSERT**

Ten years ago Zithulele hospital, located in the remote Eastern Cape, was falling apart. The hospital serves a marginalized population of around 300 000 people and had, at the time, only 2 permanent staff members. Then a newly graduated couple looking for a place to serve arrived with a pioneering approach and passion sufficient to lure 18 colleagues to the rural outpost. Carte Blanche meets the doctors who have put down roots in the humble community and made Zithulele a first class medical facility.

Producer: Nicola de Chaud

Secrets of the Rising Star Cave

On a Friday evening in 2013, two extreme cavers found themselves deep below ground in the Cradle of Humankind. Coming across a narrow crack in the cave floor, they descended down a twelve metre shaft and emerged into a chamber only to discover ancient bones. Carte Blanche reports on the extraordinary scientific discovery of a new species of human relative - Homo Naledi.

Producer: Joy Summers

Presenter: Derek Watts

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Invisible Partner

Tired of being single and feeling lonely? Imagine being able to design your perfect partner - someone attentive, affectionate, expressive, who happily interacts with you all day long. What if you could choose their name, their looks, their personality and even write the passionate story of your first meeting. Carte Blanche explores the invisible boyfriend and girlfriend phenomenon.

Producer: Jo Munnik

Presenter: Derek Watts

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