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17 May 2015

On M-Net & M-Net HD [101], Sunday 17 May 2015 at 19:00

Farm Attacks

Since 1990 more than 3500 farm attacks have been reported. These figures represent 10% of all commercial farmers in South Africa. More shocking statistics suggest that a farmer’s chances of being murdered are double that of a police officer. Farm attacks are often associated with extreme levels of violence and brutality. What are the motives behind these attacks? Carte Blanche investigates.

Producer: Graham Coetzer

Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

Medical Marijuana

Could a single plant-based substance have enough significant therapeutic properties to offer relief to people with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cancers, asthma, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorders and more? Top American scientists and people cured of cancers bring controversial claims to the fore as Carte Blanche investigates the medicinal use of Marijuana.

Producer: Eugene Botha

Presenter: Derek Watts

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Elder Abuse

Exclusive footage of the brutal assault of an 84-year-old woman entrusted to the care of an East London facility for the aged. Suspicious of her unexplained injuries, her family installed a hidden camera. Horrific footage revealed ongoing, brutal assaults by a nurse with open hands, fists and elbows, being kicked, grabbed by the hair and more. Carte Blanche speaks exclusively with the family and victim and hears a controversial justification by her attacker.

Producer: Sasha Schwendenwein

Presenter: Derek Watts

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Mmusi Maimane – Top man in the DA

From humble beginnings in Dobsonville to leader of the Democratic Alliance. Who is the person behind the Mmusi Maimane brand? Carte Blanche gets up close and personal with the new leader of the opposition.

Producer: Anna-Maria van Niekerk

Producer: Annalie Potgieter

Presenter: Bongani Bingwa

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