Condoms versus abstinence Part1

By admin
11 October 2013

Are condoms promoting promiscuity and is the gospel of abstinence falling on deaf ears?

Yes condoms

In the face of HIV, Ntombozuko Ponono believes that preaching condom use is an effective way of stopping the spread of the virus. “I’m not against the idea of abstinence, but I think the present situation requires that people use condoms,” she says. Society faces are a lot of challenges regarding sexuality issues. Ntombozuko says young people are having sex despite the advice that they should wait until they are older or married. “Preaching abstinence isn’t new, especially in our culture. Parents and the church, believe it or not, do tell kids to stay away from sex at a young age.” However, this message often falls on deaf ears because young people are at an age when they want to experiment, she says. Young girls are especially vulnerable. They are lured into sex by older men who offer them money. “If they are already sexually active, it’s difficult to stop them. It is better to give them choices and tell them about condoms.”

Promoting condom use is about training young women to know that when they are ready – and preferably older – to engage in sex, they have the right to ask for condoms. “This is a habit that we must instil early on because we are in a situation where even married women have to use condoms when they have sex with their husbands.

“Ultimately, this is not about one approach to the problem,” she says. “We should preach both use of condoms and abstinence to our children.”