Condoms versus abstinence Part2

By admin
12 October 2013

Are condoms promoting promiscuity and is the gospel of abstinence falling on deaf ears?

No condoms

Anna Lukoto says that the media and society are too quick to promote the use of condoms to the youth. “I’m for abstinence and I think that message should be spread with more vigour, something it is not being done at the moment.”  There are deep-rooted problems surrounding sexuality and young people. Anna says the root of the problem should be tackled and it is misguided to promote the use of condoms as if they will solve all the problems. Parents should now more than ever take responsibility and teach their children sound moral values. “I think it is important to tell children how much we love them and they should love and respect their bodies.” She thinks children are getting the wrong message from the media that they can have sex and, as long as they use a condom, it is fine.

“As a teacher, a mother and a parent, I think society should promote less sex.” As an educator, Anna tries to instil pride and the values of abstinence, and that condoms can be used as a last resort. “I teach in a primary school and we lay the basic foundation of good sexual behaviour and we teach them about more than just contraceptives.” Once the behaviour has changed, we can then look to other solutions, she says. “Even if we are promoting condoms, at the end of the day the child has to be empowered enough to use them. That’s not happening right now.

“I’m sure it sounds like I’m preaching an Old Testament, but I think that we should get back to God and culture.”