CONFIRMED: This is DJ Zinhle's new man

By Faeza
10 October 2016

DJ Zinhle has been playing the low-key game with her ‘007’ bae, teasing the public with puzzling pictures of them together.

Initially the public speculated that Zinhle’s new bae  was Top Billing's presenter Chris Jaftha.

Both Zinhle and Chris didn’t play minds to the discovery but that did not stop the Sherlock Holmes of Twitter from looking deeper into the situation.

About three weeks ago Zinhle tagged a guy named Brendon Naidoo in one of her posts on Twitter and what added gravy to the steak is when Brendon replied by saying “hi baby”.

That’s all that was needed by the public to confirm Zinhle’s new bae even though Zinhle and Brendon haven’t confirmed anything yet, they have been flaunting it all over their social media platforms.

According to The Times Live, the two rumoured couple were rocking the DSTV Delicious Festival together and they weren’t shy on flaunting their love for each other there.

Here’s a preview of DJ Zinhle’s ‘007’ bae