Cop who allegedly bashed ex-girlfriend’s baby remains in custody

By Faeza
05 October 2016

A policeman allegedly severely beat his ex-girlfriend’s baby while a protection order was in place and could thus not be trusted to abide by any bail conditions, the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court heard on Tuesday.

The constable had earlier promised to abide by any conditions during his bail application. He said he would not intimidate any witnesses.

The 10-month-old baby was still in hospital after being admitted last month. She had multiple skull fractures, bruises to her head, and swelling on the brain.

The court has not yet heard whether he is the baby's father. The suspended officer cannot be named in terms of a court order.

A final protection order was granted against him in August, just a month before the attack in Blue Downs.

Past charges

Prosecutor Nathan Adriaanse mentioned past charges that were laid against the policeman, for murder and intimidation.

A murder case against him in 2013 was provisionally withdrawn. He was arrested for intimidation in 2014 and paid bail.

The policeman said during his evidence-in-chief that witnesses did not come to court, he got his bail money back and the matter was withdrawn at the end of last year.

Adriaanse said there were a number of complainants in this matter.

“A captain in the police force says you threatened to kill him."

The accused confirmed the captain was his superior.

Adriaanse said his ex-girlfriend laid a criminal charge against him in March last year.

“She alleges that you had threatened to kill her.” The policeman agreed that was the allegation.

Bail conditions

He told the court they had been dating since 2011, worked together and saw each other outside work at least once a month during 2015.

The prosecutor said the court warned the policeman in May last year not to make contact with her as part of his bail conditions for the intimidation matter.

“I remember,” the officer answered.

Adriaanse asked why he had then said they saw each other at least once a month last year.

The policeman said he only made contact with her after the criminal matter was withdrawn in November.

“Your evidence was very specific,” the prosecutor reminded him.

Based on this, he wanted the policeman to either admit to lying to the court or to violating his bail conditions.

Sole breadwinner

At this point, his lawyer Zamani Gcilishe jumped up and objected. He said it was not a violation because “the colleagues see each other every day at work”.

Magistrate Vincent Ketye said the policeman had made it very clear they saw each other outside of the office.

He allowed the policeman to leave the stand since he had been testifying for a few hours.

It earlier emerged he received a gross income of around R13 000 a month.

His lawyer said he was the sole breadwinner to four young children with different mothers.

Adriaanse had countered his claims that the officer’s mother and his children would suffer without his support.

He said it was all speculation since he had not been in contact with any of them since his arrest on September 11.

Adriaanse asked what work he would do to support his family if he was dismissed.

“I used to sell carpets. I will go back to doing that if I don’t have another alternative,” he said earlier in the day.

The bail application was postponed until Monday.

Source: News24