Cyclist dragged after rod protruding from truck hooks jacket

By Faeza
15 May 2017

A cyclist has apparently emerged unhurt after he was dragged by a truck on Solomon Mahlangu road in the east of Pretoria on Monday morning.

The truck was pulled over by other motorists who witnessed the event as it unfolded.

Remax real estate agent, Nicol van der Walt had just dropped his sister off in Silverlakes when he spotted a cyclist on the shoulder of the road, getting stuck to the back of a truck after a rod protruding from the vehicle hooked onto his cyclist's jacket.

The rod pulled him from his bike and he was dragged along as the truck driver kept on driving.

"It seems the driver of the truck was unaware of what happened as he just kept on driving," said Van der Walt.

"The cyclist tried to hold on so as not to be dragged by pulling his legs up, while motorists were trying to get the truck driver's attention by blowing their horns."

Van der Walt said another motorist who also saw the cyclist being dragged by the truck, pulled in front of it, forcing the truck driver to stop.

"As soon as the truck stopped the cyclist managed to free his jacket," said Van der Walt.

He added that while the cyclist was not injured, he appeared to be perplexed and shocked.

Source: News24