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Danny K and music

By admin
19 October 2013

Danny K is undoubtedly a vastly experienced and talented musician. He has performed with so many great South African and international music artists since the dawn of the democratic era, from Mandoza to Grammy Award winning artists like Beyoncé to being the first South African to perform on the television phenomenon that was the Oprah Winfrey Show; Danny K has definitely converted his hard work into pure accomplishments.

He is at the forefront of campaigns like 46664 which combats AIDS in Africa, and a co-founder of the SHOUT Campaign against crime with Kabelo Mabalane of the Kwaito group TKzee.  He also had the prestigious honour of being one of the few artists to perform for the Royal Monarch Charles the Prince of Wales; on his official visit to South Africa in 2011.

Danny K has also scooped numerous accolades throughout his musical career. He owns a 2006Channel O Music Video Award for Best Collaboration for his album Same Difference with Mandoza.  He is also a 3 time Channel O Music Video Award nominee in 2007 and 2008.He’ll be hoping to add a second Channel O Music Video Award in 2013 to his already over stocked awards cabinet.