Dating a dad: how to get it right

By admin
31 October 2014

Because there are so many single moms out there, it’s safe to assume there are almost as many dads on the market too and dating a responsible dad might be very different from dating a guy who doesn't have kids. Here are some helpful tips for a successful relationship with super dad and his kids.

  • The first thing to remember is that the children are part of the package, they won’t go away and you cannot compete with them.
  • Although your relationship with their dad is completely different to theirs a responsible dad will always put his children first and if he has to choose between you and them, he will always chose them.
  • The trick is to get along with his children without trying to be their mother or their friend which is a tricky balance because although you (as the woman in their father’s life) are a parent figure and an important person in their lives you will never be their mother and you should never even try to replace her.

  • Be prepared to hear this from them too. Many step- moms are heartbroken when angry children turn and remind them , “you are not my mother ,” and although it hurts , it is a fact , you are not their mother , nor should you pretend to be . Take this with a pinch of salt and don’t fight back.

  • Do not hide from his kids. There will never be a good time to meet them so whenever you do meet them be sure not to overwhelm them. Show them that you are someone important in their father’s life without bulldozing your way into theirs. Introducing yourself as their father’s friend gives you time to get to know each other without any unnecessary hostility. Avoid sleepovers and romance in front of the children until your relationship is serious and something you both feel in permanent. Seeing women come and go isn't healthy for them.