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Dealing with sins of the forefather part 1

By Faeza
12 February 2016

When our Forefathers pass away, as their children, we inherited, that whichever they owned, that includes the demonic spirits, if they had any and even diseases to a certain extent. We have seen doctors asking patients things like, "Is there any person in your family who suffered from say "Blood Pressure, Sugar Diabetes" or any other diseases?".

It is because they are aware of the hereditary aspect of such diseases. However, when we gave our lives to the Messiah, our souls were saved, but without acknowledging the sins of our forefathers and denouncing, those that we inherited, we are not free from them. We would not live life in abundance. Until we cut ourselves loose from them.

Daniel acknowledged the sins that were committed by his forefathers during their sojourn in the desert. It is also written Levi paid tithe to Melchizedek, whilst he was in the loins of Abraham. We can see the transference of inheritance, be it of good or of evil. Because of this reality we then need to disassociate with our spiritual inheritance and accept the only one from the Messiah, so that it will not affect our children and our children's children

Barak Shalom

Pastor Washington


Kingdom Principles Ministry of YaHWeH