Dealing with Teenage pregnancy

By admin
15 August 2013

Deal with this difficult time in your family’s life.

Touch choices

MOVE! TIPAlthough you might be angry, it’s best to tell your daughter exactly what you think and feel. Let her know that you are disappointed, but also motivate her and tell her that she can still make a success of her life.


MOVE! TIPTalk honestly about this subject long before your daughter becomes pregnant. Listen to her views because this will give you a chance to say what you believe and understand. If you din it difficult to talk about abortion, get expert medical advice.


MOVE! TIPAdoptions are handled by Child Welfare. The SA Association of Social Workers in Private Practice has details of social workers who assist with adoptions in your area.

Support in your extended family

MOVE! TIPYou may be tempted to hide the fact that a child is adopted, but it is the child’s right to know who his or her real (biological) parents is.

For help and advice, teens and parents can call:

The Marie Stopes Clinic on 0800 117 785 for abortions conselling, pregnancy tests, etc.

Call 011 492 2888 OR 011 887 1968 for adoption advice.

Childline 0800 055 555

Heart Reach Pregnancy Centre on 011 791 2633