Dealing with the festive blues

By admin
22 December 2014

Although this is meant to be the happy season , many of us put ourselves under a lot of pressure and it becomes the toughest time of the year .

Between keeping up with your relatives and neighbors , setting goals for the coming year and realizing that you haven't achieved everything you wanted to achieve this year many people find themselves depressed instead of merry . Here are 5 tips to help you keep the festive blues away .

1) Be kind to yourself : you might not have everything you want but you work hard and you deserve a break . Congratulate yourself for what you've achieved , it's more important than what you haven't done .

2) Don't compare yourself to others : we are all living different lives with different challenges , it's not fair to compare .

3) take a break: people sometimes work more over the holidays than during the year . Take some time off entertaining and just relax .

4) be realistic : when setting goals for the coming year be realistic , don't put too much pressure on yourself .

5) take stock : take time to reflect on the year that's gone past and do what needs to be done for next year to be better .