Dealing with those who deplete your resources part 3

By Faeza
07 August 2015

Most of us have a person in our life who causes us to spend more than we can afford to. Although we may care for them, we cannot escape the fact that every time we come into contact with that person our purses feel a little lighter.

“The good news is that, while you may not be able to change their behaviour, you can learn to manage how you respond to them,” says Cebisa Mfenyana from Metropolitan.

Cebisa offers advice for dealing with the financial foes in our lives.

Worse-off Wally

Wally is the sibling who never seems to get their act together. You may love him or her, but you can’t understand why they won’t try to get a job. You find yourself responsible for all the bills, which is slowly chipping away at your patience and your savings.

“Navigating financial issues with family can be tricky,” admits Cebisa. “Sometimes you have to practice tough love and put some healthy boundaries in place, or even an ultimatum. Sit your sibling down and explain to them that their behaviour is putting strain on you and if they don’t make any effort from their side, that you simply cannot continue helping them financially. Make sure you live up to your threat. You don’t want to be a dog with no teeth.”