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Deborah remains unbroken

By Faeza
01 July 2016

DEATH is not anything one can just wake up and get over. The pain from wounds of a

broken heart take a very long time to heal. Gospel singer Deborah Frazer is one person

who had to experience that over and over, which left her wounded and broken. In 2008 Deborah’s mother died after she was in a coma for a very long time. While Deborah was still dealing with her mother’s passing, three months later, she endured the unbearable pain of losing her brother. The gospel star was left with her three sisters and father who died six months following his son’s death.


Deborah says her mother's memory will never fade; she was her pillar of strength and her prayer warrior. “I remember when my mother died after a very long time of being in a coma, the doctors told me to take her home; she had 90 percent chance of survival. I was so happy. We took her to a very reputable Gospel singer tells Athabile Mrasi how she coped after losing her mother, father and brother all in one year care centre. One day I went to visit her and I told her I needed to go to the studio and I will be back. After a few hours, I received a call from the doctors that my mother had passed away,” recalls Deborah. “I fell apart, but I remembered that my mother would have wanted me to

be strong for my family.” Three months after losing her mother, Deborah’s brother passed away. “I think my brother did not take the fact that we lost our mother well. I cannot explain the pain that I endured at that time. I was asking myself what is happening in my life. Why I had to lose the people I love."


“My mother and brother died while I was still working on my album Gloria and in that album I dedicated a song to my mother called Mama. I was in so much pain then. The death of my brother and mother disturbed me so much,” says Deborah. Deborah prayed and praised God to stay strong. She also tried to focus on her father’s health and her children. But six months down the line, her father who was battling with cancer also passed away. She says that at the time she felt like a man called Job from the

Bible who lost everything and was left alone. A lot of people looked at her with eyes of worry and it was too painful for her to bear. She couldn’t help wondering who was

next. “No one should ever feel the pain of losing their loved one. It is something I can never wish on anyone even to those who do me wrong. I fell apart after my father

died,” she says.


Deborah says the relationship she has with God kept her strong. Prayer was the only thing that made sense in her life and God’s love was the only thing that comforted her. She says now she is even stronger than before. “I now laugh at the challenges that I met because they drew me closer to God. I am now at peace because I know who I have in my corner,”

says Deborah.


Rumour has it Deborah was dating the late Soul Brothers legend David Masondo, but she says they were just friends which begs the question why she would dedicated the song Akekho Ofana Nawe to him. “I worked with David. It was something very unique and

extraordinary. After he passed on I felt it was my duty to praise and give thanks to the Lord for David’s life and the time he gave him to us,” she says. Deborah is going strong

and is busy with her album now.