Degree course requirements to do nursing

By admin
10 November 2013

Degree course requirements:

• Matriculation exemption, preferably with mathematics, science and biology.

• Applicants go through a selection process to find the best candidates. This means you will not be guaranteed acceptance just because you applied. The process differs for each institution, but will probably have one or more of the following:

* Your academic results will be considered. Many institutions prefer students with a social academic record: matriculation exemption, preferably with mathematics, science, and biology as subjects.

* You may be asked to submit additional written information about yourself, for example, to tell them why you have chosen this career and what your plans are.

* You may be asked to take a psychometric test, which may include aptitude, interests and personality testing to make sure you are suitable for the career.

* You may be asked to attend an interview, at which they get to know you better and assess your suitability for the career.

• The number of subjects on higher grade/senior grade varies between universities.