Dettol asks prophet to stop giving congregants antiseptic

By Faeza
09 December 2016

Dettol South Africa released a statement saying that they have been in contact with with Prophet Rufus Phala, of AK Spiritual Christian Church in Limpopo, and have asked him to stop giving his church goers the antiseptic.

This comes after the prophet instructed his church members to drink the product so that they can rid of their illnesses.

"Dettol Antiseptic Liquid has been proven to be safe and effective when used as per recommended directions. However, Detotol Antiseptic Liquid is not for human consumption and is for external use only and we condemn the reported usage as inappropriate," Euphemia Annor, Dettol South Africa regional legal director.

Members of the public who have consumed the product are urged to consult a healthcare practitioner or go to their nearest hospital.