Dineo Moeketsi opens up about how she had a low self-esteem

By Faeza
30 January 2017

TV personality Dineo Moeketsi opened during her interview with True Love about the emotional effects that she suffered after being body shamed.

Speaking to the magazine during her cover shoot she expresses how she had problems with the way she looked, she was insecure.

The actress recalls how some Twelebs called her obese on the popular Vuzu TV show, 10 Over 10. She added that those words hurt her so badly; she couldn’t leave the house after that.

Her self-image problems caused her to despise going to events‚ and she didn’t feel stylish enough and she felt small. The actress added that the hardest part about moving forward was the slow process of getting over those self-esteem issues. Despite being a victim of low self- esteem‚ Dineo has moved past that and these days isn’t shy to let people know she has no space for negativity in her life.