Discomfort and pregnancy

By admin
16 August 2013

Pregnancy is a time of great joy and happiness. Having a baby can also put strain on your body, leaving you in discomfort. Here is how to tackle the ailments.

Morning sickness: though most prevalent during the first trimester, some women may suffer from morning sickness throughout their pregnancy.

Move! tip: to lessen the symptoms, cut sugar, fried and oily foods from your diet, and eat small meals throughout the day. An empty stomach can worsen nausea; so start the day with a dry piece of toast and drink plenty of water.

Swelling: you may notice that your feet and ankles swell during the third trimester.

Move! tip: drinking water will also help to maintain proper circulation in your body.

Heartburn: indigestion and heartburn are common during pregnancy, especially when there is extra pressure against your stomach.

Move! tip: to fight heart burn and indigestion, eat small meals and avoid spicy foods.

Backache: Generally, you will feel pain in your lower back, and it will worsen as you are near your due date.

Move! tip: wearing a support band around your belly can help improve your posture and relieve the added stress.