Discover what you can do to turn your man on

By Faeza
24 January 2017

THERE is more to sex than just the act. This is where seduction, or sex appeal comes in. Sex appeal is the ability to turn someone on, and to make them feel sexually wanted. The benefit for you is that you get to feel like the sexiest woman on earth while he feels like the

most wanted man alive. As are port by Psychology Today states, “Sexual satisfaction

goes hand in hand with good relationships.” But can you turn him on beyond the usual way of a kiss here and a touch there? Here are tips you can use to seduce him.


There’s more to seduction than looking great and sounding sexy. Sexologist, Dr Ian Kerner, who is famous for his books She Comes First and He Comes Next, believes that other than investing in foreplay and spending time exploring each other’s bodies, couples must also invest in what he calls core play. This is when using your mouth and tongue on his body becomes the main act. So believe it or not – sometimes your man wants to be teased for a longer period of time before there is any penetration. Ian also suggests that you keep the lights on. “I’ve actually found in my practice that a lot of men want to see a lot more during sex,” he says.


Don’t forget these body parts:

¦ Ears: The ear is designed to pick up the subtlest sensations, says Sándor Gardos, a sexologist and writer. “Place your lips low to his ear and release a slow sigh, which will tantalise his nerves,” she writes.

¦ Knees: Kiss, caress or gently massage behind the knee. The skin back there is thin, giving you access to more nerve endings.


? Send messages throughout the day: Tell him about your sexy thoughts and the things you want to do to him. This will turn him on.

? Lose your inhibitions: Try new moves, play with toys or explore his fantasies. The key is

to ensure that there’s consent, understanding and total comfort in both partners before indulging in any sexual fantasy or fetish.

? Wear sexy lingerie: Wearing sexy underwear in lace or silk will always turn your man on.

? Have a romantic bath: Bathing together increases anticipation and helps you be more sensual.

? Massage each other: “A sensual massage should be intentionally arousing and

include light touch with fingers and nails all over the body, the hands, feet and head as

well as the genitals and bum,” suggests Colin Richards, a UKbased relationship and sex

expert who specialises in sensual massages.