DIY: How to successfully relax your own hair

By Faeza
20 July 2016

WHEN a relaxer is used correctly, your scalp should not tingle or burn. A lot of people experience relaxer burns even when they relax their hair at the salon. The most common cause of relaxer burns is leaving the crème on the hair for too long.


¦ Don't exercise for at least 48 hours before you get a relaxer. When you sweat, this opens up pores on your scalp, making it vulnerable to burning.

¦ Never wash your hair before getting a relaxer. Wait at least a week

in between shampooing your hair before relaxing it.

¦ Avoid scratching your hair for at least three to four days.

¦ Make sure your stylist bases your hairline, as well as your ears.

¦ When the first area that the crème relaxer was applied on starts to itch, immediately wash your hair. There is no need to wait longer because this could lead to terrible burns and over processed hair.

¦ Always follow the instructions on the container of the crème relaxer.


¦ Never spray anything that contains alcohol on your hair.

¦ Be gentle when combing your hair to avoid further harming your scalp.

¦ Apply petroleum jelly to the area if it continues to be bothersome, and don’t pick at the scab as you could pull out some of your hair.