DJ Cleo and Brickz have kissed and made up after 10 years

By Faeza
23 March 2017

10 years later Brickz and DJ Cleo are back together in studio after their publicised fallout back in 2008.

DJ Cleo produced two of Brickz’s most successful albums, Sweety My Baby and E’stokfeleni which earned Brickz three 2008 SAMA awards.

Surprisingly Brickz took shots at DJ Cleo in public and at SAMA awards ceremony and he didn’t mince his words but it looks like the two artists have buried the hatchet.

DJ Cleo shared a clip of him and Brickz working together in a studio, on his Instagram page and judging from it, the two seem to be working on new music that will be released soon.   Check the clip here: