DJ Sabby’s ‘Get Up and Go School Tour’

By Faeza
03 September 2015

YFM radio personality and entrepreneur, DJ Sabby has begun the second leg of his annual “Get Up and Go School Tour”. DJ Sabby has had a successful tour in the beginning of the year as he visited Tembisa Secondary School, Thuto Lesedi Secondary School, Lethulwazi Secondary and Unity Secondary to name a few.

He has expressed his concerns for the youth of South Africa and felt it was the right time to embark on this tour: which he believes will inject the school going kids’ minds with much needed inspiration to reach their full potential pre and post exams.

Dj Sabby explains his plans: “I am planning on visiting 8 schools before schools close for the last quarter. I want all students to realize that they have 10 days to regroup and come back with the mind-set of a winner when they get ready for their finals. I am reaching out to the principals, school bodies and students, to contact my office and inform me on reasons why I should come to their schools. All you have to do is send me an e-mail: with the name of the school, reasons why you would like me to come and your contact details.”

With an increase in teenage suicide and depression statistics which often sky rockets during this time of the year, it is vital for us to show our future leaders support during this time of the year.

The first phase of the “Get Up and Go School Tour” enforces a simple message to the students, don’t start late. Pull up your socks from the starting line, until you finish the race. Push yourself to be the best and achieve the educational status that you can be proud. Do not assume that your friends will help you when you write that exam, because they won’t, you will be by yourself.

The second phase of the “Get Up and Go School Tour” enforces the fact that this is the last lap of the race. The time has arrived to put in more hours and be more focused on your school work. Ignore the parties and peer pressure and focus on yourself. Young people are easily distracted and peer pressured into doing other things then their school work.

DJ Sabby is now calling out on school representatives, principals, student bodies and the students themselves to reach out to him and notify him if they would like him to come to their schools.

At the present moment, the school tour will focus on schools across the Gauteng province and hopefully 2016 will see the tour expand its footprint to the other regions across the country.