DJ Sabby's new single hits the airwaves

By Faeza
23 October 2015

YFM’s DJ Sabby’s new single #Inghudu features the late Flabba, Red Button and Jovislash. Sabby hopes that that the #Inghudu will have people relating to its content.

#Inghudu is more than a bottle; it evokes an emotion because people who relate to the word relive memories through the song. DJ Sabby describes this song as a different sound compared to what is currently popular in the South African music industry.

Sabby said: “This is my 4th single which I am very excited about. I decided to make a song that South Africans can relate to. This song is fresh and authentic. I worked with some really good musicians such as Red Button, Jovislash and the late Flabba. I have been working with Jovislash for years now because I believe in his talent. He can rap in a variety of languages and on this particular song, he raps in Sesotho. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to finish what we started with Flabba so what he already did on the track is what we had to work with and the end result was amazing.”

He firmly believes that as South Africans, we need to make music that our people can relate to