DJ Zinhle with the fresh cut

By Faeza
14 March 2016

Image: Dj Zinhle instagram Image: Dj Zinhle instagram

DJ Zinhle has had a rough couple of months but it’s safe to say that she’s bounced back. Now she’s made the country go wild with this new hairdo

Whenever you hear the phrase “break the internet” and a celebrity attached to it, you usually expect someone to have done something naughty. This past weekend, however, DJ Zinhle proved that that doesn’t always have to be the case when she stepped up with a new hairstyle.

The celeb mommy has definitely been one of our fitness motivators (not only does she keep in shape in the gym, but she eats really well too!) and ever since she gave birth to Kairo, she’s looked fabulous.


Now she’s decided to ditch the weave for a shorter, more natural look - with some blonde hairdye to seal the deal. She debuted the look on social media this past Friday .