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Do you have oily skin? This is how you an treat it.

By Faeza
15 July 2016

Oily skin is caused by genetics, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, medication,

stress and the incorrect use of beauty products. The following routine will help reduce the oil on your skin:


¦ Cleanse your face in the morning and at night with a good face cleanser.

¦ Use a liquid face wash that contains alpha-hydroxy acids to get rid of the oil.

¦ A toner is a very important part of the skincare regime for oily skin because of its oil-reducing properties. Avoid using it on areas that tend to be dry or you’re likely to create dry patches on your forehead, chin and nose.

¦ Choose an oil-free moisturiser to moisturise your skin.


EGG YOLK: Eggs are a quick fix for removing oil shine. An egg yolk

mask dries out the skin. Apply it with cotton wool to oily spots. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

SALT: Pour lukewarm water into a small spray bottle and add one teaspoon of salt. Then spray some of this salt mixture on your face once during the day.