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Do you know? Part 1

By Faeza
15 December 2015

 What is your purpose in this life? Do you know my brethren? Is it to study and have a well-paying job, and get married to a beautiful wife or handsome husband and have beautiful children with more and more money, then you die?


Can that really be the purpose of your life? Do you know what YaHWeH's purpose for your life is? Are the plans you are pursuing currently in line with what YaHWeH's plans are for you? Or is it in line with the world's view, which may be contrary to that which YaHWeH planned for you?


(James 4:4) Are you aware of Satan's plan for your life? How does the evil one’s plan fit in yours? Check in the basket of the God of this world's attributes which he has for your life. Are you gladly partaking in them, which are forgiveness, rebellious disposition, gossiping, anger, haughtiness, covenant breaking, fornication, adulterous behaviour, disrespecting parents, selfishness not submitting to authority, not loving your spouse and ill-treatment to your children?


All these lead to defiling of the temple of YaHWeH. Do you defile the temple of YaHWeH which is your body willy nilly? Are you a lover of money than of Elohim? Brethren it is written "Seek the Kingdom of YaHWeH First". Have you sold your freedom or exchanged your children's quality time or your marriage for a dollar?

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