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Do you know? Part 3

By Faeza
25 December 2015

Tjo, Tjo, Tjo! What a blessing! It was love and trust at its best, ruling over YaHWeH's creation. But have you noticed in this verse there was no rulership over any man by man, as man was created in YaHWeH's image.

Meaning; man was created with all the management qualities of responsibility, accountability and authority. So that man manages himself. But man was deceived into wanting liberty and democracy more than he was purposed to have. He wanted his eyes to be opened, and then in turn become like Elohim, knowing good and evil.(Genesis 3:5)

Yes indeed, man's eyes were opened so as the grave was opened to receive him. However a chance for regaining that which man lost in Eden was given back through love by YaHWeH. So why are we still unsure of the purpose YaHWeH has for you? In the abundance of water a fool is thirsty.

Will you grab the love of YaH through His son YaHShua with all your strength? Use the grace dispensation to practice Set-Apart living? Practising that which is to come, with love, not fear, with understanding, not coercion. You shall not kill, not because of the law, but because of the love you have for your brother. You shall not worship idols, not because of law, but love of YaHWeH your Elohim. It is a liberty of fools after been given love to revert to law.

Barak Shalom

Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH

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